The Art of Embellishment

Throughout my website, you see that I tell individuals and business owners they must make their brands stand out from all the noise the others are making. My theme throughout is Be the Peacock and not just another rooster trying to out crow all the others for attention. Now in reality, peacocks can be very loud. But they are remarkable in that they can attract attention without making a sound. Their colorful feathers are unique to them and, as a result, attract attention. After all, it is how peacocks (males) attract their target audience–peahens (females).

I’m not saying you can or should draw attention to your brand by being silent (without advertising). To do so would be brand suicide. I like to grab brand attention through embellishment. Some of you may say that involves telling untruths. I’m speaking of embellishment as used in a musical sense. Ornamentation or flourishes in music are embellishments. The embellishments do not compromise the integrity of the composition. The embellishments add interest. Think of trills or runs vocalists inflect into a musical composition as a means of adding their own unique styles to their performances. These are embellishments. They make the performances, the vocalists’ brands, remarkable. In short:

Be the Peacock = Be Remarkable

In the video below, Seth Godin talks about “How to Get Your Ideas to Spread.” The video is a little dated, but it is still very relevant. He talks about making your brand or anything you do remarkable.

I would like to hear how you made your brand remarkable. Share with us how you or your brand became The Peacock.