Website Copy Service

Is Your Website Content Unique to Your Brand?

Many of Sheila’s small business clients purchased a “packaged” website subscription from an industry marketing company. For a fee, these companies will create, host, and maintain your professional website and email. The service usually comes with a newsletter service as well as a blog and social media posts. Sounds great for busy small business professionals who do not have the time or marketing staff to create new, relevant content on a weekly basis, right?

It would seem so until you start looking at your competitions’ websites. Many of them have purchased the same subscriptions including your competitors down the street or across town. As a result, all the websites look the same with the exception of some minor tweaks such as names, logos, and locations. Even worse, the content and images are identical.

Sheila was horrified!

Fortunately for her clients’ businesses, Sheila is a copywriter. Sheila was engaged to create customized copy specifically for these businesses. With the custom creative copy plus the addition of a few custom images, the websites now look nothing like they did “out of the package.”

Sheila can do the same for you whether you have a subscription service, you are hiring a website designer, or you are tackling your own website design.

Sheila will assemble creative copy for any or all of the following website pages:

  • Home (landing page)
  • About Us
    • Company Profile
    • Professional and Staff Profiles
  • Services or Products
  • Other pages specific to your business

Don’t confuse your potential clients with a website that looks and sounds like all the others in your industry.

Don’t bore your potential clients with copy that is dull and cookie cutter.

Wow them with copy that is engaging and memorable.

Be the peacock!

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