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Excellent Special-Use Property for Sale

Hello there. I’m so glad to see you. It can get a little lonely around here. No! Wait! Please don’t leave yet. I would really like to tell you my story.

You see, most people take one look at me and move on. They think I’ve lived past my prime and no longer have anything to offer. Nothing could be further from the truth. Let me tell you how it used to be around here and how things could be now.

The family who bought the land I sit on and that surrounds me built me with their own hands in the 1940’s. I was small at the time. I only had three rooms for the family of four. In 1953, I grew to what I am today. I got a new kitchen, bathroom, and living area. Some of my floors were built with wood salvaged from the local elementary school during demolition of an old building to build a new auditorium. It was the craftsmanship that went into my construction that keeps my bones strong today.

I miss the days filled with laughter, the smell of chicken frying in the skillet, or a blackberry sonker baking in the oven. At Christmas, I would be bursting at the seams when the entire family would gather here to celebrate. It would get loud as the children anticipated opening gifts, and I would get hot from the feast being prepared in my kitchen. But I loved every minute of it.

In the summers, there would be homemade ice cream on my porch or a watermelon pulled fresh from the patch. Oh, how I remember all the juice dripping all over my porch and watching the children see how far they could spit the seeds. In the summers, relatives who lived far away would spend their vacations here. I was crowded, but I always made room and everyone was happy.

A swing set once sat over there near my front porch. The children would spend hours seeing who could swing the highest while the adults watched from the porch. I thought the swing would tip over a few times, but it never did. I’ve talked enough about me. Let me tell you about this beautiful land that surrounds me.

In my early days, the land was worked with a handheld plow pulled by a mule. The gardens here flourished and the owners put up enough vegetables each year to feed the entire family as well as some neighbors. Right over there along the road just before you get to me, there was a strawberry patch that grew the best strawberries in the world. You’ll just have to take my word on that. Those strawberries also made some of the best strawberry preserves, much better than any you could find in a grocery store.

On the opposite side of the road, across from the strawberries, creeping phlox burst forth in shades of pink each spring to adorn the bank along the driveway. What a welcoming site! At the back corner of my porch, a forsythia bush blossomed in little yellow bells. I felt so lucky to have such beauty surrounding me all day. Thankfully, that forsythia bush still stands and graces me with those little yellow bells each spring.

The remaining fields that were not used for gardens grew into fields of hay. Since there were no cows here, local farmers would cut the hay, bail it up, and feed it to their cattle. I was honored that the land surrounding me could be of use to the local community. That practice continues today. See, I told you I had not outgrown my usefulness.

Things are just different today. The couple who bought this land and made me their home are no longer with us. Their heirs are unable to care for me properly and would feel better if I were in the hands of someone who could bring life back to this place again. If you have just a few more minutes, I’ll share some ideas I have on how I can be of excellent service and value to the right owner.

It is quite obvious that several acres of pastureland surround me and could accommodate cattle or other farm animals such as sheep, goats, or even alpacas. There is also plenty of room here to build stables for horses if that is more your thing. But I have yet loftier notions.

Blowing in the breezes around here is the smell of grapes. I hear through the grapevine (pun intended!) that the wine industry is thriving around here. I just know the land that surrounds me would produce amazing grapes, something that the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and local Viticulture and Enology experts could help determine.

So don’t just brush me off as being past my prime. I’m just getting my second wind, and I like how it smells. Cheers!




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