Real Estate

Why Would Someone Want to Work With Your Firm?

Who writes the copy that tells the story of your firm for the entire world to see either online or in print publications?

Who writes the copy for your agent and staff profiles for the entire world to see?

  • Perhaps you take care of this in-house or maybe you hire an outside advertising agency.

Are you guilty of copycatting what other firms have done? (Be honest.)

How are you marketing your properties, especially your featured properties or those that may be a little harder to sell?

  • You probably treat all properties the same using the standard, boring industry jargon listing feature after feature.
  • But what are the benefits that will attract your ideal client?

Maybe it is time to hire a professional brand storyteller–but not just any copywriter.

  • Hire one who knows your industry.

With more than 20 years as a licensed real estate broker, I will assemble custom creative copy that tells the personal story of your firm, your agents and staff, and your properties.

Drive your ideal client to your firm and properties with copy that is factual, creative, and memorable.

Don’t be like all the other firms.

Be the peacock!

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