Marketing and Event Consultation

Why Should You Hire A Marketing Consultant?

Services provided by marketing consultants are as varied as snowflakes in a snowstorm.

Sheila’s Marketing and Event Consultation consists of the following services:

Identify ways to bring in new customers.

Determine ways to stay engaged with your current customer base.

It is much easier and cost effective to keep a customer than it is to find a new one.

Review and analyze current copy, content, and marketing materials including websites, print, audio, and video media to determine if the current marketing plan is projecting the desired brand image and targeting the right demographics.

Help overhaul your brand image.

Overused advertising can get boring and stale.

Sometimes unfortunate circumstances can lead to unfavorable brand recognition.

We like the term “brand makeover” for these situations.

Are Your Events Generating New Customers?

How are you tracking the sales generated by the event?

If you are not tracking the sales of the event separate from other sales not related to the event, you are in serious need of a marketing consultant.

Are you consolidating your advertising with vendors, suppliers, caterers, etc.?

Are you partnering with other similar or related businesses in your area to capitalize on advertising?

How are you using events to generate leads?

You might think that events are just a necessary evil to promote your brand, and that might be true.

But why not make the events profitable?

There are a few very simple things any business can do to generate sales and leads at marketing events.

Sheila’s Marketing and Event Consultation Service can assist you with creating or recreating your marketing goals by:

Telling your brand’s story in a creative way you may have never considered.

Simplifying your brand’s message. Make it obvious so your audience knows right away what your brand is about.

Determining where to place your message to reach your desired audience.

Making sure the message is delivered in the tone you want to project for your brand. You must grab the attention of your audience in a pleasing or entertaining manner before you can educate and inform them about your brand.

Do you want your brand to be the annoying rooster or the peacock?

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