Are You Ready To See Your Work In Print?

As the popularity of digital books continues to rise, more and more writers are bypassing traditional publishers and going “indie.” This popularity can, in part, be attributed to the success of the Amazon Kindle as well as other digital readers. Amazon’s direct publishing format has also made publishing a book a reality for many writers who do not have the patience or resolve to deal with the whims of traditional publishers.

However, before you can publish your book you must write your book. Perhaps this is where you are struggling.

  • You are a business owner and want to write an eBook to educate the public about your products or service, but you do not have time to run your business and write a book.
  • You are an expert in a particular area and want to share your knowledge with others, but you have no idea how to turn your knowledge into a book.
  • Memoirs are popular at the moment. Perhaps you would like to tell your story or the story of a loved one but have no idea where to start.
  • Perhaps you have been tossing a story or idea around in your head for some time but just can’t get it on paper.

You need a professional writer to put your words on paper—well, actually, a Word document.

You want someone who has actually written and published an eBook. Sheila recently wrote and published her first book on Amazon, The Ultimate Marketing Handbook for Small Businesses.

You and Sheila will work together to get your words out of your head and assemble them into creative print copy.

Strut your stuff!

Be the peacock!

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