Company Profiles

Is Your Company Profile “Speaking” to Your Audience?

Everybody wants to know the story behind the company or brand. Potential clients are looking for something that resonates with them and motivates them to do business with your company.

After landing on the Home page or another designated landing page on a website, the very next click is often the About page. That is, of course, if the viewer is intrigued enough by the information on the landing page to continue.

Viewers are not looking for the “fluff” about your business. That information is good and can be subtly woven into the company profile. People want to know why they should work with your company instead of Brand X. They want to hear the company’s passion speaking to them through the copy content. They want to know the backstory, the history. They want (need) to feel a connection.

Even when reading the profile of a new business, many are not really concerned that the business is new as long as they are convinced there is a passion for the product or service the company provides. They what to know what led to that passion.

Don’t bore your prospects with company statistics and content that sounds just like your competition.

Tell your company’s story from the perspective (voice) of the company.

Sheila will assemble a creative profile for you, your company, and your associates that:

  • Tells a story.
  • Resonates with your ideal client.
  • Creates a desire in your ideal client to contact you or your company.

Engage your prospects with a company profile that makes them feel like they are having a conversation with a friend.

Don’t be like everybody else.

Be the peacock!

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