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Are You Getting The Desired ROI For Your Advertising Dollar?

If not, your copy may need a tune up!

If you look up the definition of “copywriter,” you will probably find something that reads like: a person who writes text or copy for the purpose of advertising, marketing, or publicity. That definition, in essence, is true.

If you look up the definition of “advertising,” you will find a couple of meanings:

Advertising (noun) is the profession that produces advertisements.

Advertising (verb) is the act of promoting a product or service to a target audience for the purpose of persuading them to buy the product or service.

Here, we are strictly speaking of the later.

Sheila’s Marketing Consultation and Copywriting Service is devoted strictly to people and businesses who advertise a brand. Everything you put out is a form of advertising your brand and reflects your brand image.

“But I don’t have a brand,” you say.

If you have a website, own a business, are an independent contractor/self-employed (such as a real estate broker, hairstylist, plumber, chef, etc.), write books, articles, or stories, you have a brand. And your brand is YOU!

Does your advertising copy reflect the image you desire for your brand?

Is it creative, engaging, and relevant?

Did you “borrow” your idea from another ad? Is it “shouting” at your ideal client? How is that working for you?

When you are ready, Sheila will work with you to assemble creative copy for your advertisements designed to attract your ideal client by drawing attention to your brand and projecting the best possible image.

Make your brand the peacock!

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