Guilty As Charged! Negligence of Blogging

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Don’t be found guilty of Negligence in Blogging.

Guilty As Charged! 

Yes, I confess. I am guilty. So, what crime have I committed? I am guilty of negligence of blogging. I have violated the #1 rule of blogging that I preach to all my clients:

If you are going to have a blog or any social media platform, you must post relevant content consistently and engage with your audience.

I offer no excuse for my negligence except it has been a busy summer. Like most people with a strong work ethic, we put the needs of our clients ahead of our own business. It’s like the house painters with the paint chipping and peeling on their own homes or the CPAs who file extensions for their personal tax returns.

No Apologies!

Don’t get me wrong! I am forever grateful for the clients I have. That is why I am not apologizing for my neglect in posting to my blog.

While my job is to write content for marketing and advertising purposes for clients, I am also working on some works of fiction. If you think I have been negligent with blog posts, you can guess how my other writing projects are going!

Where To Turn?

Besides, where does a copywriter/writer turn for help in creating content? Well, you say, I could just hire another copywriter to write for me. True enough. But, that would take my voice out of my work.

Whose Voice Is It Anyway?

A good copywriter should be able to “speak” through content in the voice of the client or the client’s product. But when it comes to my work, it is important to me that I remain authentic to my voice.

As a result, there may be some occasional lags in my blog posts. But I promise to try to do better.

Pointers For Writing Blogs

In the meantime, I would like to share with you a few pointers about writing blog posts. I am a huge fan of Christina Hills and her Website Creation Workshop. Her blog post, Five Ways to Write Great Blog Posts,” couldn’t have arrived in my inbox at a more opportune time. If you have a blog or would like to start a blog, take a few minutes to read her pointers.

I must go now. I have several website pages to write.

Did someone say something about an eclipse today??

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