Frequently Asked Questions

What is a copywriter?

The short answer: a copywriter is a person who writes text or copy for the purpose of advertising, marketing, or publicity.

Do not confuse copywriting with copyrighting. Copyrighting involves securing the ownership rights to intellectual property and requires the assistance of an attorney–not a copywriter.

Why should I hire a copywriter?

A copywriter can assist you in assembling copy that creatively projects your brand consistently across all media platforms.

Nobody likes to be “sold.” However, in order to have a successful business, people must be “persuaded” to buy your product or service. Skilled copywriters know how to take the “loud” out of your advertisements and get your brand noticed. It’s a matter of would you rather be the annoying rooster or the spectacular peacock?

A skilled copywriter can make a product or service sound interesting. Have you ever wondered how cat poop coffee became an expensive gourmet beverage?

In a nutshell, a skilled copywriter knows how to “talk” to people.

How do I know I need a copywriter?

If you trip trying to put together a coherent sentence, you definitely need a copywriter.

If you had rather be doing almost anything than writing copy, you should hire a copywriter.

You could buy a copywriting manual or take a copywriting course to save money. Factor into the cost of the manual or course the time it will take you to study the manual or take the course, how much have you saved?

As hard as it might be to comprehend, many people have difficulty remaining objective about their products or services. A copywriter will remain objective and keep you grounded.

How do I decide whom to hire?

Ask for a short copy sample based on your needs and specifications. This will also give the copywriter a chance to know what to expect from you. You should not expect the sample to be a complete ad, however.

Questions to ask a copywriter before hiring:

What made you decide to be a copywriter?

Is there a product category you prefer to write about?

Have you ever had a brilliant copy idea that a client did not like?

What not to ask a copywriter:

Anything analytical! We are writers. We live by words—not statistics.