Does Your Business Need A Boost?

The Health of Your Business is Only as Good as Your Marketing

Well, it is finally spring—at least that is what the calendar says. Where is the year going? I was derailed by the Holiday season but made it through vowing to get the marketing for my business back on track starting in January.

Does any of this sound familiar?

What is the current health status of your business?

It got me thinking, though. As I was trying to make perfect Holiday memories for my family, other female business owners and entrepreneurs were probably trying to do the same thing.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t regret sharing the Holidays and making memories with my loved ones.

But at the same time, I was neglecting the health of my business.

Unless it is a project I can’t refuse, I try to limit new projects around the Holidays to those that are less time-consuming and I can usually complete in short order.

Sure, I check my email regularly and respond to important messages. I leave the rest of the emails to “clear out” later.

On the flip side, this usually equates to less revenue. But building revenue is not the purpose of this post. Well, it is but only as a by-product of what I’m about to tell you.

Today, I want to talk strictly about the health of your business.

Certain times of the year can be more stressful for women business owners with families and who may also be caring for aging parents all while trying to run a business.

  • Depending on the product or service you offer, the Holidays may also coincide with the busiest (and most profitable) time of the year for your business.
  • (I’ve made a note to give you a heads up in October to help you be ready for the next Holiday rush.)

But, here we are now in spring facing summer vacations, kids out of school, etc.

Are You Feeding Your Business A Healthy Diet?

So, for starters, let’s focus on getting your business back on track.

Speaking primarily to women now, but by no means excluding men, I would love to hear the recent challenges you faced in feeding your business a healthy diet.

With your input, I can design posts that speak to specific concerns.

Just like the need to fuel our bodies with the nutrients needed for optimum performance, we must fuel our businesses with the right marketing nutrients.

  • Your brand might not be low on all the nutrients, but by implementing particular concepts and ideas, you could reinvigorate your brand and give it an immunity boost.

Think of it as a multi-vitamin for your business.

I am inspired to focus my business on the marketing needs of
women business owners.

While looking for background information for this post, I became inspired to focus my business on the marketing needs of women in business: business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

  • Much literature exists about the challenges faced by small business owners, entrepreneurs, and family businesses in general.
  • Little has been published about how the challenges might be different for women.

Women business owners face different challenges than their male counterparts.

You might be saying it shouldn’t be any different for women than for men. But let’s get real. It is.

It is so much harder for us to be taken seriously, that our business is a real business and not a hobby.

  • We need the income to pay our bills, contribute to our retirement accounts, and buy our health insurance.

Our business is a real business—not a hobby.

In no way does this mean I will not offer the same services to you guys out there. There just seems to be a void when it comes to information that speaks directly to women who are trying to market their brands. And, yes, guys and gals, YOU are your brand.

Claim your accomplishments!

As women, we sometimes have a hard time tooting our horns.

  • In displays of modesty, we tend to blow off or minimize our accomplishments.
  • Sometimes, we even shift the credit elsewhere.

STOP THAT! (I’m preaching to myself, too!)

No wonder we are often not taken seriously as entrepreneurs when we announce we are starting a business.

We must OWN OUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS, assert our successes, and shout them from the highest mountains.

Okay, maybe shouting from mountaintops is going a little far. (You can if you want! I’m not judging.) But we can declare our expertise in other ways—through the written word, for example. Start by developing a compelling brand story.


I would love to hear your thoughts and stories. Please feel free to comment, send me an email at, connect with me on my Facebook page @sheilawelbornwriter, or visit my contact page on this site.

Now, go toot those horns!

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